In April this year, less than three months after the cowardly attacks on Charlie Hebdo and elsewhere in France, my family and I visited Paris. We went to celebrate my dad’s birthday and spend time with my brother, who was studying there for the year. It was a wonderful few days; we ate in great restaurants, drank in delightful bars, made new friends; some of us went to a gig ten minutes walk from the Bataclan venue. The spirit and love of culture and life in that city was so strong, so soon after an atrocity.

The unthinkable has happened again. The actions of Daesh specifically target those expressing their freedom and love of life. What they call ‘apostates…gathered in a profligate prostitution party’ are people dining on a Friday evening, having a drink with friends, enjoying a gig.

They are me.

They are us.

How do we react to such soulless murder? Not with further violence and hatred. We must respond by living brighter, happier, more freely. That is why I am sharing these photos of my trip. It is how I choose to think of Paris; I hope you feel the same.






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