TrailerTime: Steve Jobs

There really aren’t many films about rich white guys, are there? Especially ones who use computers. And are called Steve Jobs. Thank heavens Universal are rectifying this situation with the second Jobs biopic in two years; after the Jobs biopic that was called Jobs, this one is called Steve Jobs to avoid confusion. One can only assume these Jobs films are providing jobs for many, many people. Jobs.

OK, that’s enough cynicism for now. There is actually much to be hopeful about with this version of the late Apple CEO’s life, most notably the triumvirate of writer Aaron Sorkin, man-of-the-extremely-long-moment Michael Fassbender and in Danny Boyle a director who has brought his style to a wide range of subjects. Better than all that is the striking similarity between Fassbender’s protagonist and the Demon Headmaster from British 90s kids TV.

You are feeling sleepy. Very, very sleepy…

The film also stars Kate Winslet, Seth Rogen, Katherine Waterston & Jeff Daniels. It is scheduled for release in the U.S. on October 9th and the UK on November 13th. Presumably iTunes will have it around then too. Stay tuned to @dreamdepends for the latest Jobs news…


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