TrailerTime: The Stanford Prison Experiment

One of the most screen-wanted true stories of the 20th century finally has a film, and that film now has a trailer. The Stanford Prison Experiment is an account of the experiments on the effects of authority conducted by Stanford professor Dr Philip Zimbardo in 1971. You may have heard of it: a group of student volunteers are divided into prisoners and guards, and left to play their roles while the professors observe. Things very quickly get out of hand.

Billy Crudup stars as Dr. Zimbardo, while Ezra Miller, Michael Angarano, Thomas Mann and Tye Sheridan are some of the participants in the study. This ferociously intense film is released on July 17th in the U.S. with a UK release later in the year. It is showing on June 18th & 21st at the wonderful Edinburgh Film Festival before that though; tickets available here.

And here is the super-talented Alvarez on making the film:

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