Six Brilliant Coming of Age Movies

The Bechdel Test Fest

In a world where even the youngest are obsessed with movies, coming-of-age stories are more relevant and diverse than ever before. This is excellent for all who watch films: it is by seeing how others live that we learn about ourselves. Ahead of Bechdel Test Fest’s Little Women, Big Stories events, here are six women who, by exploring their own identity, show us much about growing from youth to adulthood. These films use vibrant characters and enthralling narratives to challenge conventional paths of growth; we don’t just watch the story, but also consider what it means to come of age. Ben Dalton 

Julie Andrews – The Sound Of Music

One of the most-loved films ever made has at its heart a classic coming of age. Maria is torn between the traditions of the convent that raised her and her immense spirit and taste for adventure. It is when she takes…

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